10-32 Solutions WI LE Patrol Rifle/Carbine Operator-Instructor, and current LESB Guidelines.

This is a portion of the email sent to WI Police Instructors today from Tony Barthuly, Director of the Training & Standards Bureau of the WI DOJ, providing the official notification of the changes coming, including the carbine certification requirement our course is designed to help satisfy. Currently 41% of the WI LESB Instructors do not have carbine instructor training and will need it to be certified as a Rifle Instructor. Additional changes concern increase in the academy hours from 520 to 700, addition of Ground Fighting to DAAT, and putting Tactical Response into Unified Tactics, requiring Tactical Response instructors to be Firearms or DAAT instructors or have applicable prerequisite training. You cannot be a TR instructor without actual experience in the topic anymore. Now on to the Rifle/Carbine changes that our course in Arcadia will satisfy…

1.       Firearms.  The new curriculum contains 16 hours of rifle training, but polling shows that 41% of current Firearm instructors have not attended a “rifle instructor” course.  The LESB has approved changes to Firearm instructor certification as follows:

a.       Current LESB-certified “Firearm” instructors:

                                                               i.      Current Firearm instructors will be renamed “Handgun” instructors.

                                                             ii.      A new “Rifle instructor” certification will be created.  “Handgun instructor” will be a prerequisite for “Rifle instructor” status, i.e. an instructor can’t be a Rifle instructor without being a Handgun instructor.  Handgun instructors are not required to become rifle instructors.

                                                            iii.      Dual-certified “Handgun & Rifle” instructors will conduct academy rifle instruction in the revised 700-hour academy.

                                                           iv.      Current Firearm instructors who wish to add “rifle instructor” certification, and who can show they’ve attended any “rifle instructor” course will have to attend a Rifle Transition breakout session that will be included in the Instructor Updates during the next fiscal year (7/1/14 to 6/30/15), at which time they will receive LESB “rifle instructor” certification.  Registration for the Instructor Updates will be available on WILENET by June 2014.

                                                             v.      We will also develop a “rifle instructor” course for current Firearm instructors who have not attended a rifle instructor course, but who wish to add “rifle instructor” certification.  We will notify LESB-certified Firearms instructors once this course is available.

We will provide updates to those this affects as soon as we hear any further information, and we hope that current LESB instructors in need of a rifle instructor course will take advantage of ours!



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