Targeted by their uniform: The disturbing 43-year history of assassinations of NYPD cops

We are always targets. Remember that.

WPIX 11 New York

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NEW YORK (PIX11) — When an emotional, NYPD police commissioner, William Bratton, announced the execution deaths of two officers Saturday night—he noted the sad history of police partners being assassinated in uniform.  It’s happened seven times since 1971, Bratton said.  In some instances, the officer was alone, when he was targeted for wearing blue.

On May 21, 1971, Patrolmen Waverly Jones and Joseph Piagentini were ambushed from behind on a street in Harlem, during the early days of violent actions by the Black Liberation Army—which sought to create a separate country for Americans of African origin.  Jones was black, and Piagentini was white.

Piagentini’s widow noted to PIX 11 News in 2012: “The slogan of the time was a pig is a pig is a pig.  It didn’t matter if a cop was black or white.  It was the uniform,” Piagentini recounted.

In January 1972, two other…

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You Betrayed Them

This House Is Our Home


I was driving to a Christmas party when my phone rang. I heard the words and my heart felt shattered. Every fear, every worry, every feeling of panic came rushing into my throat and I couldn’t stop it. I had to stop it. My babies were with me. I was about to meet new people and see old friends. It was a party. Everyone’s supposed to be happy. My heart felt ripped to shreds. I kept looking at my phone, even though I knew there would be nothing good to see. My face kept smiling, my mouth kept speaking but my heart was racing and the tears were always right beneath the surface.

Today it was them. You don’t know them. They’re just names to you. To some of you, they are symbols of heroism and honor, but to many of you they are symbols of “oppression” and “brutality.”


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